Hello, my name is Racheal and I'm the founder of Glam Beautie. I'm a wife, mom and an entrepreneur. After many years of working in the Banking and Healthcare Industry, I decided to step away from the corporate world and focus on what I love and as a Military Spouse, maintaining a stable career became much difficult each day due to the constant change from one location to another.Growing up, I've always had a sensitive skin and finding natural products that would help relieve my irritated skin was always difficult. I  also have acne-prone skin and sometimes, especially during that time of the month, my face is covered in pimples which always affects my self esteem. I became extremely passionate about  creating clean and natural skin care products when I realized my daughter was also prone to eczema breakouts and rashes. I found that most of the skincare products had toxins and harmful chemicals and so I decided to create my own natural, organic and vegan skin care products and share with the world.Each product is created with natural ingredients and made with LOVE from my home to yours. I hope you Enjoy!!